You have created a dealership website, signed up at multiple social media networks, and started posting/sharing content on your blogs. Why is it that you cannot attract good web traffic? What can you do to improve your marketing? Well, since all buyers today are researchers first, the best way to target them is with VIDEO. This medium for marketing can easily help customers find the information they are looking for in an engaging and informative format.

Online video can easily allow customers and businesses to connect with one another. In fact, those individuals who are watching a video are 1.81 times more likely to purchase as compared to non-viewers. Posting videos on your automotive dealership website enables you to boost engagement and interest. By displaying vital information and showing off your inventory, you can attract interested car shoppers to try our business. For more information, look at this video marketing guide below:

Video Marketing Drives Automotive Sales

When it comes to boosting engagement and increasing recognition, video is definitely an attractive element. Dealer websites that upload video content frequently have 2X more chances of getting messages or phone calls from interested buyers, as compared to dealerships that don’t post enough or any video at all. Here are a few more reasons why video is a great content choice for dealers.

  • In the first 9 months of 2015, almost 3M hours of auto review videos were watched on YouTube, among which 1.2M were on mobile.
  • 69% of individuals who used YouTube for gaining information about cars were more likely influenced by it than magazines, TV, and newspapers.
  • 52% of marketers and webmasters around the world label “video” as the highest return on investment (ROI) producing content.
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line and providing YouTube links can boost open rates by almost 19%.
  • 93% of marketers are using for communications, marketing, and sales.
  • By 2017, almost 74% of the internet traffic will be video.
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What Type of Videos Can Car Dealers Post?

Car dealerships have plenty of options when it comes to posting interesting and unique video content on their sites. You can consider creating lead-generation videos or experiment with YouTube and other viral video sharing websites, like Instagram. This social media platform can also be used to display a more personal side of your brand. You can create videos that display your crew in action. Regularly update your profile with fun and interactive videos. Other forms of videos you can upload on your website include:

  • Sales Video Specials – These videos are created for promoting new deals, discounts, and specials to consumers and prospects.
  • Service Shop Footage – Give a complete tour of your dealership and service shop to help customers get more familiar and comfortable with you.
  • Personalized Messages – Dealers can create a variety of videos for sending out personalized messages that could be highlighting new events, opportunities, or deals.
  • Walk-Around Videos – These videos specifically come in handy when highlighting a specific vehicle make/model. You can create an entire review of the car.
  • Educational Clips – You can create how-to guides in the form of videos to help customers with difficult or complex DIY tasks concerning automobiles.
  • Customer Testimonials – Nothing that can generate more audience and attention than customers speaking about their experiences with your brand. Share customer testimonials!
  • Re-Purposed TV Commercials – This form of video can be used to advertise your entire dealership on television to grab the interest of old school folks who might want to buy a car.
  • Model-by-Model Comparisons – These videos prove to be incredibly handy when helping customers make their decision of buying a car.
  • Virtual Test Drives – These videos can deliver a more in-depth and detailed view of how it may feel to drive a certain car. It will be like hosting your own Test Drive show!
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Tips to Boost Video Likeability

Keep It Short

Consumers on the internet have a very short attention span that only lasts for 8 or 10 seconds. To ensure your videos attract the audience, it is imperative that you keep things short and get to the point quickly to grab their attention at the beginning. Videos that are ranging between 30 seconds and 1 minute have 18% more chances of being shared than longer videos.

Don’t waste too much of your time and money on special effects and introductions. Just focus on the content. While a minute may seem incredibly less, you can engage the viewer by keeping information concise. Just remember to include a call-to-action at the end of each video for encouraging shoppers to view the next segment.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Call-to-actions are necessary for helping those viewers learn more about you who might have just stumbled across a video uploaded by you and shared by a follower/fan. Don’t forget to add this crucial element to ensure you get the viewers complete attention. It can be something that’s very simple.

For instance, you could just add “tag a friend who you think would want this car”, “watch the next video”, or “call us today at ——– to get this car”. You can even add something like “Request an appointment”, if you are offering special services like financing or 0% down payment on a car purchase.

No Shame in Curation

Nothing can beat the engagement of original content. However, if you’re swamped with a busy schedule and don’t have enough time for making a video, there’s no shame in sharing someone else’s content (as long as you are citing them). For instance, if you are writing a review on a particular car, you could post the OEM’s video already out there to give consumers information about vehicle features.

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Are you looking for ways to boost the engagement with your target customers? If so, then don’t hesitate on implementing video marketing in your dealership strategy. Follow the above tips to further increase likeability of your videos.