The internet has evolved in a fantastic manner from where it all began. Every second of every day, you can find information uploaded and available in different formats on a wide variety of websites, blogs, and social networks. Most of the time, it takes form of published “text” and can be read by almost anyone, anywhere. However, for the most engagement, you can even find remarkably produced videos that can be viewed for both: informational and entertainment purposes.

This especially goes true for car dealerships. By using video marketing, automotive brands are able to market their vehicle inventory and special deals/discounts the best way possible. This enables them to reach out to their clients and prospective customers in a highly engaging way. Unlike newspaper, billboard, and TV ads, this form of marketing isn’t limited in scope too. Nothing is more potent than video, when it comes to something going VIRAL on the internet.

For more information, look below to learn what is video marketing, why it is so hot, and why you should use it for promoting your car dealership.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the creation of varied forms of video for promoting a particular company’s products and services. It is the most engaging form of marketing in the recent times, especially with the inception of technologies like Virtual Reality and 360-degree videos. Car dealerships can use these innovations for taking their marketing to a completely new level. Potential clients receive in-depth views of particular vehicle make/models, which help in boosting interest and engagement.

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How are videos marketed? Thanks to various social sites like Dailymotion and YouTube, automotive dealerships can upload their videos and optimize them in a way to target the correct audience. Business owners can even post these videos on the official website to get the attention of old clients. Subsequently, video marketing is crucial for promoting any type of business.

Why Is Video Marketing So Hot?

People are hungry for information and entertainment nowadays that utilize a creative and unique approach. Nobody has the time for spending 15 to 20 minutes reading plain text (apart from avid readers). The individuals nowadays have a very short attention span. This means, they will always prefer to watch a 2-3 minutes video for gaining information about any product/service. Videos also help car dealerships in communicating their differentiating points to the target audience.

Since video can be watched on all mediums on the internet, there is no limitation as to where you can post them. From your car dealership website to YouTube, Video, and Dailymotion, you have plenty of places where you can post videos and gain the opportunity of getting millions of hits a day. Video can also be optimized for improving your Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) rankings, giving your car dealership instant exposure to thousands of prospective customers.

Just imagine somebody from your local area searching for a particular car on Google and suddenly your video review pops up! They will instantly click the link to gain more info about that car. If optimized correctly, your video will have website URL and description. This will enable your video viewers to check out your website and perhaps make a sale!

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Reasons to Use Video Marketing for Promoting Car Dealership

Boosts Conversions and Sales

Through videos, you can make a significant amount of money. By simply adding a product video on your automotive landing page, you can boost your conversions by almost 80%. How can video prove that effective? Well, sight is the most dominant of the 5 senses. Most of the information the brain receives is in visual form. So, if a simple picture engages engagement, imagine how helpful videos can be.

Video works well in grabbing the attention of the audience. If it manages to keep customer attention retained, the video can directly lead to a sale. Customers who are looking to buy a product and watch explainer videos are 74% more likely to purchase. Therefore, it’s time your car dealership started creating some exciting product videos, be it if you’re selling a car, new accessory, or infotainment/safety feature.

Video Builds Trust

Having a good reputation and trust is crucial for generating good sales and conversions. However, building the trust of your customers isn’t an easy task and requires you to be incredibly engaging and active in your communications and interactions with customers. Most importantly, you must be sure to deliver them high-quality service with no chances of complain. However, at the same time, there is a greater focus on ignition today than ever before. Videos are the perfect igniter for your digital marketing strategy.

By providing your prospective customers with interesting and useful information in a creative, fun, and personalized manner, you can gain a quick start. Your videos have the capability of engaging customers and igniting emotions. By adding a personal touch, you can promote your brand while gaining respect of customers. This is why YouTubers have become powerful social media figures for promoting a variety of brands. Your automotive business should focus on the same.

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Video Lives Forever

One of the best things about video marketing is that everything you post, be it on your website or social networks, will stay online and on the SERPs for a long time. Therefore, even months or years after the upload, you will be receiving a ton of clicks and views. If your video is inspiring, educating, and entertaining, you can further be optimistic of making a sale for each view. If you post your video content on sites like YouTube and Facebook, you can also gain real-time feedback and interaction.

People love to comment on videos. By monitoring responses, you can redirect your video marketing strategy based on their needs and feedback. If you upload videos on your site, you can also increase the time spent by visitors. This helps you build trust with potential clients and alerts Google that your site has good content. If you have a video embedded, you can be sure to appear in the first page of the SERPs.