814 Blog Syndication Service – $200 Per Post

  • Blog Syndication: Syndicate your blog content across 50+ news sites from all over the USA
  • Increased content exposure
  • Powerful backlinks
  • Real sites with real authority

Content Syndication Strategy

When Google sees your content syndicated in major news sites it marks you as an authority.

Content Syndication gives you a direct line to 50+ high authority news sites, putting your content in front of thousands of new readers.

To ensure Google gives you credit as the the original author, we use the rel=canonical tag and source the original blog at the bottom with a link.

Sample Report – Click Here

Three Step Process:

  1. Editorial Review Process – Our team reviews and approves your content for syndication.
  2. Syndication Push – Our platform connects with various syndication partners to evaluate and push out your content.
  3. Validation – Our platform validates each URL to make sure they’re properly published and active.