By using the various strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), car dealerships can boost the traffic being sent to their websites. Incorporating keywords and phrases, avoiding spam, optimizing site for improved navigation, and creating a well-designed website are all good ways for ranking better on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

However, if you really want to take your car dealership to the next level, working on your content development strategy produces great benefits. The unique, appealing, and interesting your content is, the better chances you have to rank higher. For more information, look at these benefits below of creating unique content for your automotive website.

Boosts Website Credibility – Improves Brand Reputation

When you create a car dealership website, you have to display your brand as an expert in the field of buying and selling cars. You know your business aims, goals, and objectives. Creating original and unique content in accordance to these goals will illustrate your authority. When potential clients, partners and customers see that you know your stuff, they will have more confidence in doing business with your car dealership website.

Bear in mind when people read your content, they build an impression of your brand. If what they read is enlightening, helpful and informative, you will benefit from improved reputation. Furthermore, if they see your content showing up on their social newsfeeds, they will perceive you as an established and trustworthy thought leader in the industry.

Time and Proximity – More Referral Traffic

Various news, events, legislative changes, and even the weather can affect your service or industry. By regularly posting unique and interesting content, you can show the world you know exactly what is changing and how your services/products can accommodate them. If the customer has a good experience with your service, you can feel assured to receive more referral traffic.

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One of the best things about staying active with posting content on your car dealership website is that it shows your audience and client base that your business is mindful of the world around us. For instance, in tough economical times, you can talk about special deals/discounts on new, used, certified pre-owned or first-owner vehicles. This will force them to refer your car dealership to others.

Increases Your SERP Rankings – Better Visibility on Google

Another great benefit of posting unique automotive content is that you get improved rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) of Google. The content you post on your car dealership website plays an important role in ranking. If you want those annoying search spiders to crawl over your page, you need to provide them with great level of quality in the content you post. By creating sensible and smart content on a regular basis, your rankings will increase by default.

Every new post you add on your blog or automotive website is another page that Google will index. While more pages does not directly correlate to an improvement in search traffic, having QUALITY pages can help you position your car dealership higher than the competition. By further targeting long-tail keywords and topics customers frequently search for, you will have no trouble in gaining better visibility and web traffic.

Higher Domain Authority – Increases Expertise of your Site

As your website starts posting fresh and high-quality content, writing more will increase the perceived trustworthiness, relevance, authority, and expertise of your site. Your website’s domain authority will increase further, as your content gets more inbound links from external sources. As your domain authority increases, customers will begin following you more. They will also provide referrals to others who might be in need of your car services. This in turn develops great organic search visibility, helping you stand out from the crowd.

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More Social Traffic – Improves Your SMM Efforts

The primary objective of any content development strategy is to create articles, blogs, PRs, and eBooks that help, engage, inform, and bring value to your readers. Once that’s taken care of, you can post this content on your social media profiles. When done tactfully, you can benefit from an increased number of social traffic and conversions. This is one of the reasons Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become an important part of any SEO strategy. By syndicating your content on social media platforms, more users will see, read, like, and share your material. As content is shared with new customers, you increase your circle of followers. This leads to more and more followers on your car dealership page, and more traffic from social media as a result.

Reminds People Who You Are – Injects Your Brand Personality

By regularly posting content that represents your car products and services, you can show people who you are and what you can provide. This gives them a taste of the kind of work you can do for them, as you provide information regarding new, used, certified pre-owned and first-owner car deals. However, instead of just “claiming” that you know your stuff, it is imperative that you SHOW people. Show them why they should remember you and where your brand fits into the industry. Bear in mind that there is already plenty of amazing content out there. By injecting your own personality by reading and following the competition, you can get a feel of how to come up with great content.

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Google Loves “Unique” Content

As the king of all search engines, Google has great influence on how websites are constructed. Among their SEO guidelines, Google expresses its love for websites that post “unique” content and update it frequently. Of course, it isn’t necessary that you make additions, postings, and unnecessary changes after every few hours or minutes. However, a site that is updated at least two or three times in a week will appear to be professional in the eyes of Google.

If you want to receive the abovementioned benefits, it is imperative that you create interesting and unique content. Also, don’t hesitate on connecting with other great content produces to ensure your car dealership stays ahead of the game.