As the king of all search engines, Google uses above 200 ranking factors in its algorithms for assessing the visibility website’s should receive on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Among these factors are quite a few elements that can have a huge impact on your rankings. This includes multimedia – not just photos, but video as well. Both of these act as a signal for algorithms that you’re offering high-quality content to your customers.  A video especially, signifies great effort from your part.

Therefore, if you want to boost the reputation of your automobile website, do not hesitate on implementing video in your digital marketing and SEO strategy. Making videos and posting them on your website and social media profiles is inexpensive, as compared to creating a TV advertisement. All you need is a high-quality camera and a few video/sound editing tips and you are good to go. To ensure maximum video performance though, follow these tips below:

Tips for Optimizing Your Videos

Creating an Appealing Title

Similar to how you create headlines for blog posts and articles, creating appealing titles for your videos can help in pulling in some powerful traffic. A great title is essential for grabbing the attention and interest of viewers. If you add the relevant and targeted keywords in your title, you also boost your chances of rankings better on Google. People will be searching for a particular topic and find a video created from YOU. This can undoubtedly boost your reputation. A good example of an attractive and title can be “An In-Depth Review on the 2017 Kia Optima in Allentown”.  Follow the same protocol of limiting your titles to 50 to 60 characters.

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Provide Excellent Content

The primary aspect of any content marketing strategy is to display your car dealership to appear as an industry expert with great market knowledge. Don’t just claim to be the best. Show your customers what you have to offer by providing them excellent video content that isn’t the usual lame, boring stuff they find online. You have plenty of options for producing content. If you are creating an informational automotive blog, “How-To”, “Car Reviews”, “Feature Reviews’ videos are all extremely successful. Not only does it allow you to showcase your skill and knowledge, but it also serves as a key of growing your brand further.

Brand Your Videos

Once you have successfully completed the shooting of a particular car-related video and begun the editing phase, it is imperative that you work on the “branding”. This can be done by having your company logo displayed prominently somewhere on the screen. Some brands usually place the logo on the bottom right corner of the video. For improved results though, it is advised to place your logo on the top. This way, anyone viewing the video will have a clearer understanding of who created it and might explore your brand further to check out other videos.

Upload Your Video to YouTube

As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube has more than 1 billion unique visitors and processes more than 3 billion search a month. It’s bigger than AOL, Ask, Yahoo, and Bing combined and 100 hours in the form of video is uploaded every minute! So, what better way to boost the content of your site than to upload it on YouTube? Create your own channel and embed your videos on a landing page hosted on your site. Strategize the keywords you want to rank high for and gear your video content around it.

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Create a Strong Call-To-Action

Just like writing an article or blog for your automotive website, make sure to add a strong call-to-action at the end of your video. This can be done during the video editing process. You can add a lower third graphic that doesn’t interfere with your video content. Include your message and website URL to promote your car dealership. This way, you can drive huge traffic from the video.  Also, make sure to add a link to your website in the video description.

Upload Your Videos to Other Networks

While there is no doubt that YouTube is the best video marketing engine to receive optimal exposure, do not hesitate on exploring other channels and networks for advertising your video content. Sites like Break, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are perfect for added exposure. Best part of all: these sites don’t require you to pay money for signing up. Depending on your basic wants and needs, a simple video upload can be worthwhile the effort and time.

Tips for the Marketing Team

  • Collect and Display Video Testimonials – In order to position your brand as an expert, make sure to add video testimonials of happy clients and customers who acquired your car buying/selling service. Prospective customers will check out your website thoroughly before shopping with you. Testimonials help in gaining their trust.
  • Create a Campaign – If you really want to get noticed in the online world and set yourself apart from the competition, it’s time you start thinking beyond stand-alone. Create a series of content-rich videos that you will publish regularly for greater exposure. For instance, you can create a campaign of “Mechanical Monday” in which you can upload a detailed mechanical review of a car every Monday. This generates the interest of the audience.
  • Share videos in Social Media – Combine your Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing strategies. Add a short URL link to your blogs and articles and post them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other site. You can even Pin your car-related videos on Pinterest for increased exposure.
  • Training Videos for Sale Staff – To boost your car sales, consider creating a training video for your sales staff that answers all their questions and guides them into introducing your brand to those interested. Video is one of the best ways of learning. Send your training video directly via email or brand portal.
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So, if you want to take your automotive website to the next level, make sure to follow the abovementioned tips on video marketing.