Ask any business owner or marketer what’s that one thing they’d like to get the most in world, and they’ll probably tell you “more customers/prospects”. The reason for this is simple: the more clients they get, the better chances for them to earn more. However, when it comes to increasing customer base, car dealerships need to work extra hard to boost their web traffic. Do you want to increase the traffic to your automotive website? Look at these 15 tips below:

  1. Work On Your Paid Search – To gain a boost in web traffic, you need to implement paid search and marketing into your strategy. Adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals of increasing leads and conversions. This can be done by targeting high commercial intent keywords and adding it into your high-quality automotive content.
  2. Use Social Media Channels – If you are looking to improve your site’s exposure, work hard on creating profiles on multiple social media channels. Facebook is good for communicating with your audience. Twitter is ideal for short, snappy links. Google+ can help with personalized search results particularly for B2B niches.
  3. Mix Your Strategies Up – When it comes to marketing your car dealership, it is vital that you mix up your strategies. There’s no one magic formula for ranking higher on the SERPs of Google. Vary the length and format of your content to make it more appealing. Create unique headlines. Add images, video, and sound to your strategy.
  4. Create Appealing Headlines – Without a compelling headline, it can be impossible for you to generate interest of a viewer/customer to visit/shop from your car dealership website. Master the art of headline writing and make sure that you carefully select one before you hit the “publish” button. Headlines can significantly improve web traffic to your site pages.
  5. Improve On-Page SEO – Optimizing your website according to Google’s algorithms, guidelines and latest trends is crucial for helping you rank better on its SERPs and benefit from a boost in visibility. Make sure you are adding the appropriate Meta Tags, Alt tags, backlink strategy, keyword research, and navigation/design.
  6. Long-Tail Keywords – Not many businesses are aware of the importance of using long-tail keywords. Very few people know that long-tail keywords are crucial for rankings and account for majority of web searches. This means, if your website is not targeting them, you’re SEO efforts will be lacking.
  7. Guest Blogging – Regardless of what most people may believe, guest blogging is definitely not dead. In fact, blogging is as popular as it was during its initial years. The thirst for valuable information has only increased over the years. Portray your brand as an industry expert by releasing high-quality articles on guest blogging sites. Link back to your website to allow customers to check your car dealership out.
  8. Invite Others to Guest Blog – One of the best things about Guest Blogging is that you can allow other individuals and website to participate on your website too. In addition to posting content to other blogs, invite people in your own niche to come up with high-quality articles. This way, you can bring more people to engage with your website and eventually increase leads.
  9. Target Referral Traffic – Instead of wasting considerable time and effort into persuading other sites to link back to you, consider creating content that just begs to be linked to. Learn what type of content is driving referral traffic and try your best in producing more relevant content, which appeals to your audience. This way, you can feel assured to receive a boost in web traffic and eventually sales and conversions.
  10. Post Content on LinkedIn – Many car dealerships may start thinking what purpose would LinkedIn serve for a business that is already so common. But, what most dealers don’t know is that LinkedIn is one of the best and largest professional social network. It can help you build relations with trustworthy and reliable leaders in the industry. This can considerably boost traffic to your site and increase your reputation in the marketplace.
  11. Work On Internal Linking – The strength of your link profile is important when Google ranks you on its Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Make sure to always keep an eye out for opportunities of internal linking when creating and publishing content. This not only improves SEO, but also results in a more useful experience for users.
  12. Interview Industry Leaders – To increase the trustworthiness and authenticity of your site, get in touch with industry leaders and key influencers of your site. You’d be amazed at how many people will be willing to talk to you, if you just ask them. Therefore, don’t hesitate on sending invitations to thought leaders and publish their interviews to your blog to increase discussions and engagement.
  13. Don’t Avoid Email Marketing – While many may believe that Email Marketing is obsolete, it is one of the best ways for a car dealership to target customers and offer special incentives, rebates, and deals. Many individuals regularly use Email for their office work. Targeting them with email using word-of-mouth marketing can boost the success of your advertising strategy.
  14. Boost Site Responsiveness – Google has made it crucial for websites to offer customers great speed for navigation and exploring pages. Therefore, try your level best in increasing your sites responsiveness by reducing heavy graphics, images, and animations. Create a simple design that isn’t overloaded with too much content and ensure that your website is accessible and comfortable to view across a range of devices.
  15. Create a Social Community – Car dealerships can benefit greatly by engaging customers to participate in their social community. You can create a group for your fans/followers to discuss and share interesting subjects about latest car events, technologies, features, news, and reviews. This is a good way to increase traffic to your website and boost sales and conversions.
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So, if you want your automotive website to gain a boost in overall web traffic, make sure to follow these abovementioned tips.