Most people do not notice when something changes in search engine optimization.

Often, Google does not even let anyone know that they are going to change something in the algorithm.

Other times, there will be notices about updates, usually so that people who are currently using strategies that are going to become outdates or, even worse, earn a penalty, have time to make changes to their website to avoid those consequences.

And while change is always happening, many people do not think it is necessary to stay on top of those changes.

Do those changes really affect how your optimization works?

While one small change to the algorithm is probably not going to be noticeable, after a few small changes, your optimization will start to lag behind.

After more changes, it will be completely outdated.

In a years’ time, the strategies that you were using, if you have not stayed on top of industry changes, will be completely outmoded and you will start to see a slump in your rankings.

But how do you actually stay up to date with automotive SEO? Here’s how:

1. Subscribe to email newsletters.

Instead of having to go out and track down information about how automotive SEO is changing, you could just subscribe to a few of the literally millions of email newsletters that discuss SEO.

You will want to look specifically for ones that talk about updates and changes to SEO and, if possible, ones that talk about automotive SEO and its developments.

What are the benefits of choosing this as your way to get the news?

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First of all, it comes right to you.

All you have to do is open the email and read it and you will have at least some of the information that you need.

This is much easier than having to sift through news article after news article, day after day.

Instead, you just pick the blogs that you trust and sign up for their newsletter.

You’ll stay up to date and all you had to do was hand over your email address one time.

If you are interested in generalized SEO news, some good subscriptions to choose are Digg, SmartBrief, and the MOZ Top 10.


2. Join a community.

If you are not yet part of a SEO community, now is a great time to join one, especially if you are serious about improving your optimization skills and about ranking your website and keeping it at that high rank.

For example, Reddit might be most famous for its anime subreddits, but the website actually has a subreddit for just about every topic in the world, including one about SEO.

There are at least a dozen relevant subreddits, all of which are a conglomeration of questions asked by amateurs and answers provided by professionals and by other amateurs who have real world experience with search engine marketing.

This is a great place to find other people who are trying to be successful with automotive SEO and might have some tips and tricks that you would find useful.

Getting involved in a community like this is a good way to put your ear to the ground and stay apprised of updates.

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3. Browse Quora.

Quora is technically a community, but its system varies enough from typical forums that it is worth talking about on its own.

If you have a question that you want answered by professionals, here is the place to put it.

If you want to see what professionals are saying about the latest changes to SEO, this is where you should go.

You can even start to follow topics so that you get updated whenever someone posts about something that you might want to know.

For example, you could turn on notifications for all SEO topics, so that you will get an email anytime someone posts a thread about a new update that might affect your website.


4. Start creating a collection of bookmarks.

There are a wide variety of services that make it easy for you to collect information from all over the internet. is one of the most common tools used by optimizers to collect information, as it allows you to organize your bookmarks into lists.

This means that if you come across some piece of news that you want to read and study but you do not have the time right now, you can put it into one of your lists.

When you have a little bit of time to get caught up with the world of SEO, you can go to your bookmarks and filter your lists to find only the latest and most useful information.

This is especially helpful as a resource for holding on to information that you are going to want to use to update your website in the future.

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Hold on to your bookmarks and then use the information as reference as you are improving your automotive SEO strategy.


5. Find a content platform.

There are platforms like Medium that make it very easy for you to find content that you might be interested in.

The entire point of content platforms is to help you discover content that you might have otherwise missed.

You can filter your own feed of content so that you are only presented with what you actually want or need to read in order to stay on top of your search engine optimization efforts.

Other platforms like Panda allow you to gather up information and stories from all of your favorite outlets and organize them all into one place for reading and analysis.