When we discuss SEO, we often talk just about getting people to your website.

As a dealership, you don’t just want to get people to your webpages, you need ups!

Automotive SEO shouldn’t just be about getting people to see your link in the search results—it should be about getting people to click on that link and then to actually come into your dealership.

If your content is getting people to your webpage but it isn’t actually bring more people to your lot, here are some tips to improve the efficiency of your automotive SEO content:

1. Use emotion.

One of the biggest downfalls of writing content “for search engines” (focusing on keywords, rather than on value), is that the content just isn’t interesting to the very real humans who will be reading it.

If you want to actually get people to not just look at your website, but to actually come down to buy a car, you want content that makes them feel something.

One of the best ways to do this is with content that makes them feel that they might be missing out if they don’t take action right now.

2. Make it fast, make it urgent.

The best way to make a visitor to your dealership’s webpage actually visit the dealership is to make it seem very urgent.

If you can convince someone viewing your website that if they don’t come down to visit your lot soon, the vehicle they want to buy will be gone, they’re much more likely to actually come down to your lot.

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3. Make your content relevant.

You already know the importance of relevancy when creating SEO content.

Google’s algorithms can tell when your content isn’t relevant.

Your potential customers can also tell when the content isn’t directly relevant to their lives.

Your content might be relevant generally, but it should be very clearly relevant to your ideal customer, in your dealership’s location.

This means location-specific, relevant content that appeals to the people you want to visit your dealership.

Why is this important?

Because no one is going to spend time on a website that doesn’t meet their needs.

Make your content fit your customer’s needs.

4. Increase your content’s clarity.

Your readers shouldn’t have to search for meaning in your content.

In some cases, this might actually be an issue with the keywords you’ve chosen.

If you’ve chosen very clear “search terms,” like “car dealership New Jersey,” and have tried to wedge that keyword into the content five or six times, you’re going to find that your content doesn’t make as much sense as it could be making.

The clearer your content is, the better it will be for the reader of that content.

You might be wary of losing your content’s optimization, but Google’s goal is to put the most relevant content in front of its searchers, not just the content with the most applicable search terms.

5. Prove that you are trustworthy.

If your dealership is associated with a recognizable car brand, you might have no trouble at all proving that you are a trustworthy dealership.

People already trust you because they know and trust your brand.

Dealerships that sell used cars or a mix of brands, might have a little bit more trouble.

Adding certifications from the Better Business Bureau and similar companies can be a great way to make your website look more trustworthy, and therefore make the people who visit it more likely to actually show up on your lot.

You can also improve your trustworthiness by offering correct and relevant information to those who visit your website.

The more correct and relevant it is, the more of an authority you will appear to be.

6. Use customer testimonials on your website.

There are plenty of widgets that allow you to scrape positive reviews from Yelp, but these can also be manually added.

How can testimonials from past car buyers help you?

It’s called “social proof,” and it’s one of the most important deciding factors when consumers choose what products to purchase and what businesses to give their money.

If someone arrives on your website and sees dozens of reviews left by happy car buyers, they will feel more comfortable coming into your dealership, because they have proof that you have helped others in the past.

Adding these reviews is also a great way to expand your website’s content, without actually having to write more content.

7. Offer advice, don’t pitch the cars.

One of the biggest roadblocks between car buyers and salespeople is the stigma about pushy cars salesmen.

If you can offer advice, rather than just shoving the consumer towards the most expensive car on your lot, you’re more likely to make the sale.

This can be done on your website by offering guides that help the buyer pick the right model for them, after examining their needs and expectations for a vehicle.

Giving information about how to care for vehicles, what kind of maintenance they need, and how to find the right car, even if it isn’t on your lot is always appreciated.

Writing content for your website shouldn’t be all about keywords.

The keywords will get people to your site, but they won’t actually keep people there or make them come in to your lot.

Writing content that converts page visitors into car buyers can mean the difference between just getting a lot of online traffic and actually getting a lot of ups on the dealership floor!


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