Automotive SEO is a crucial part of your car dealership’s digital marketing strategy. It is the science and art of using proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for increasing targeted conversions and organic traffic to an automotive website. Working on your car dealerships SEO is essential for gaining an edge over the competition. Otherwise, chances are you may not be able to attract many customers. This can prove drastic for your business, as you want be able to receive sales and conversions.

Without gaining any profits, it can be impossible to run a car business. Therefore, if you really need to reach out to the public in hopes of finding people in the market who want to buy a car, there is no better way than to work on your local SEO. If you work carefully and put great time and effort, you can easily execute an amazing SEO strategy, which can help your business gain higher rankings on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Why You Need Real Automotive SEO?

SEO that is specifically designed for your automotive business will increase the likelihood of your car dealership to be found by customers who need to purchased a new, used, certified pre-owned, or first-owner vehicle. By using targeted keywords, creating unique content, and getting quality backlinks, you will be able to market your car services and products in the best way possible – which is not limited just to car dealerships and selling and buying cars.

Automotive SEO can be used for various purposes. Even if your business is about providing customers with car components, accessories, features, technologies, and various comfort and infotainment amenities, working on your local SEO can help target those customers who might be looking to purchase new equipment for their vehicles. Once you gain good web traffic and further customers into the buying process, you have the ability of receiving repeat business.

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As your reputation increases and you continuously change your automotive SEO strategies, you will have the ability of ranking higher on any specific query on Google. This spot will receive the bulk of traffic from consumers, allowing you to gain a boost in sales. However, it is imperative that you work with a company that understands your business and what you plan on offering. SEO isn’t a do-it-yourself task. It requires great time, effort, and patience, before finally producing results.

What are the Basics of an Automotive SEO Strategy?

Every automotive SEO strategy begins with a target in mind. You need to understand what your business will be offering to customers and how you can present it in the best way possible. Once you figure the aims, mission, and objectives of a strategy, you can work on creating a strategy that is separate than the others in the search engine result pages. In order to do this, you need to perform great keyword research, work on your content marketing strategy, optimize your site, and gain quality backlinks.

For the best results, you need to perform an intense market research. You don’t just pick any set of keywords to target. You need to select the best ones that relate to your business, but don’t have a lot of competition. You need to position yourself as an industry expert, which means the keywords you select should be volume-based and intent-based to ensure that your work is driving targeted traffic made up of customers who are ready-to-buy a vehicle or car components.

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Many companies will use a generic keyword list for all clients with the same business. This is of no use, as it can become extremely difficult for you to compete with companies that have perhaps already been targeting those keywords for years. Some may even use automated coding to create generic metadata. This can result in improper optimization, which can prevent you from gaining better rankings on Google’s SERPs – as your site will suffer from poor page load speeds, slow navigation, etc.

Bear in mind that in order for your website to create a reputable image in the eyes of the consumer and the search engine, you have to work on making your site more user-friendly. This means, you must try your best in increasing page load speeds, improving navigation, and boosting responsiveness. As a general rule of thumb, it is essential that your site cover these simple basics. Otherwise, it can be impossible for you to rank better.

Backlinks are just as important in SEO as your content and keywords. These links to your site are considered “votes” from reputable firms. They prove to be incredibly handy in potentially raising the trust and legitimacy of your business, which is crucial for attracting more customers and viewers. This as a result increases the leads and conversions, boosting your overall revenue. Therefore, don’t hesitate on asking your SEO Company what techniques they employ for gathering backlinks.

Content Marketing and it’s Affect on SEO

The way a business markets its online content can have a significant impact on its marketing strategy and sales. In the absence of a strategic plan for developing attention-grabbing content and exposing it to users, automotive companies may not be able to capitalize on their SEO efforts. In fact, majority of SEO depends on your content development and marketing strategies to rank higher on SERPs. The more value you offer to the consumer, the better chances of being labeled as an “Industry Expert”.

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However, by “content” we don’t just mean “text-based”. You need to experiment with videos, images, infographics, and various other content types. For instance, look at this example of video content marketing and its affect on SEO. Dollar Shave Club, a subscription-based razor business created an incredibly creative and unique way for promoting a simple product – a video that was extremely entertaining, high quality, short, and sweet. Within days of its release, the video had gone viral receiving millions of views – marketing its product and website.

The startup received millions of orders from around the world. Within three years, it was valued at $615 million and was recently sold for $1 billion. That’s how content mar