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Once you have great content throughout your website, your next content focus should be your blog.

A blog is a great opportunity for dealerships to draw page views first to the blog and then to the website, once you have developed an online rapport with your readers.

Your potential readers are going to be looking for a wide variety of topics, and because few people are as knowledgeable about cars as they want to be, your blog can become a hub of information that will draw shoppers your way.

It’s the best place to use keywords and write valuable, interesting content your potential customers are likely to engage with.

But as any small business owner will tell you, the hardest part of running a blog is coming up with ideas.

What are you going to write about every week?

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To help you get started—whether you outsource the writing to a freelancer or to your seo agency or do it all yourself—here are a year’s worth of topics:

Car Blogging Topics


  • Your Car’s New Year’s Resolutions
  • Driving in Snow: How to Stay Safe
  • Everything You Need to Know About (your brand) and Cold Weather
  • What Your Brand Revealed at This Year’s Auto Show
  • January’s Spotlight Model (write about your favorite model or the favorite vehicle actually on your lot right now).


  • Valentine’s Day for Your Car (how you can show love and appreciation for your vehicle)
  • Best Car Commercials from the Super Bowl
  • Spotlight on (an Employee or a Dealership if you have more than one)
  • February’s Spotlight
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  • Dealership’s March Madness (have your cars compete or even just blog about your staff’s brackets)
  • How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring
  • Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter
  • Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Car!
  • March’s Spotlight


  • How are you celebrating national car care month?
  • Which Model (of your brand) Is Best for Graduates?
  • Feature about payment plans that make buying a car as a recent grad easy
  • April’s Spotlight


  • • How to Plan to Perfect Road Trip
  • • Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready
  • • Spring Cleaning Round Up
  • • Car Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Spring Cleaning Last
  • • May’s Spotlight


  • Get Your Car Ready for Summer
  • Best Vacations within Driving Distance
  • Road Tripping This Summer? Do These Five Things First
  • What Maintenance Your Car Needs in June
  • June’s Spotlight


  • Road Trip Hacks
  • How to Pack the Perfect Road Trip Kit
  • Best Places to See Fireworks from Your Car
  • Favorite Summer Driving Songs
  • July’s Spotlight


  • Why Having Someone Check on Your Car Is Just as Important as Hiring a Petsitter
  • Why August is the Best Time to Buy a Car
  • How to Make the Most of Your Test Drive
  • Here Come the New (2016s, 2017s, etc.)!
  • August’s Spotlight


  • Going Off to College: Here’s the Car(s) You Want to Take
  • Getting Your Car Ready for Back to School
  • The Perfect Tailgating Kit for Your Car
  • Best Cars for College Freshmen
  • September’s Spotlight


  • Fall Cleaning
  • Getting Your Car Ready for Cooler Weather
  • How to Decorate Your Car for Halloween
  • Car Buying Doesn’t Have to Be Scary! Tips to Make Car Buying Easy!
  • October’s Spotlight
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  • Why November is a Great Time to Buy a Car
  • How to Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter
  • Give Thanks for Your Car (talk about the perks of owning a car)
  • Tips for Driving to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving
  • November’s Spotlight


  • How to Drive During the Winter
  • Christmas Gifts You Can Give Your Car
  • Time to Make New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car!
  • Ten Money-Saving Driving Tips
  • December’s Spotlight

Miscellaneous Ideas

If one of these months is short on topics that inspire you to write, here are a bunch more topics that you can draw on when your inspiration starts to falter.

  • Asks your customers for questions when they are shopping on your lot and then answer those questions on the blog.
  • Make a note of questions that you hear a lot and write a blog post that answers those questions. For example, if buyers often ask, “What does mpg mean? And what makes a good mpg?” that could be a great topic for a blog post.
  • Write reviews of the new cars that come to your lot. Write about every car on your lot and link your blog to the picture of that car posted on your website.
  • Leasing vs. Financing, which is the better option?
  • Should I trade my car in or sell it myself?
  • Looking for a (car of another brand)? Try a (comparable model from your brand). Example: Looking for a Chevy Cruze? Try a Kia Optima!
  • What Repairs Can I Do Myself and Which Should be Done by a Professional?
  • Used vs. New: Which Is Right for You

Tips to Help You Keep Up with Your Automotive Blog and Automotive SEO

If you simply do not have time to keep up with your blog and all of its automotive SEO benefits, it is probably best to outsource the work to your agency or to a freelancer.

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They will make sure that your automotive blog posts are not just written, but posted on time, which is a huge asset for a busy dealership owner.

However, if you prefer to write and post your own blogs, you need to commit to your content schedule.

Set it up and decide early on what topics you are going to write about.

That means when you sit down to write your car dealership blog, you will already have a great topic in mind and you will not have to spend time scrambling for one.

Happy blogging!


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