There are lots of reasons you might want to hire an automotive SEO expert to help with your strategy, not the least of which being their ability to devote far more time to the strategy than you might be able to.

If you do not have the time or the skills to handle your own strategy, you might be considering hiring an expert to take over.

But can an expert really help you? Here are some of the benefits of hiring an automotive SEO expert to handle your campaign:

1. Years of experience with SEO.

Automotive SEO is more than just finding keywords and inserting those keywords into content and putting it on your website.

While keywords and content are two major components, many people make the mistake of thinking that just these two strategies are necessary to make your website a success.

Someone who has extensive experience with search engine optimization will be able to tell you that this is far from all that needs to be done to rank your dealership’s website highly.

When you work with an automotive SEO expert, you’ll have access to those years of experience.

Your expert will have watched trends come and go, watched the shifts in optimization, and will now what really works and what does not.


2. A deeper understanding of automotive SEO.

There are essentially three basic parts to any search engine optimization campaign, the first being technical SEO, followed by on-page optimization, and the off-page optimization.

All three of these aspects of SEO work together to help your website rank well.

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A SEO expert will be able to provide you with better strategies for each of these three aspects and will be able to help you make sure that all three are working together towards the same goal.

Often, those who are not very familiar with SEO will only implement on-page optimization, not realizing that they also need to work on the two other aspects.


  1. Understanding of how SEO works with your other marketing efforts.

None of your marketing efforts should be treated as an island.

What does that mean?

It means that if you are not carefully considering how your automotive SEO campaign works with your other marketing efforts, you are probably not getting the most out of any of those marketing campaigns.

SEO is like the foundation for everything else you do to try to draw customers to your showroom floor.

If you have television or radio advertisements, it is very likely that people are going to go online to look for your dealership.

If you send out coupons in the mail, people are, again, going to go online to look up your dealership before they actually come to your lot.

Understanding how all of your marketing works together will provide you with a much more cohesive and functional campaign.


4. A track record of success.

One of the biggest reasons to hire an automotive SEO expert is because they will have a record of successfully helping dealerships improve their ranking in relevant search results.

Those who are completely new to search engine optimization will not have a good idea of what works, what should work, how to analyze feedback from search engines or even what strategies to implement in order to get a better ranking.

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SEO experts who have helped other dealerships can not only prove to you that they are worth working with, but they will simply have the knowledge that it takes to make your website successful.


5. An emphasis on the bigger picture.

A mistake that many people who are new to SEO make is to assume that its only goal is to get people to visit your website.

While this is one of the goals of search engine optimization, the ultimate goal is to get people onto your lot.

The short-sighted goal of only trying to get your website higher in relevant search results may bring you more traffic, but it might not actually bring more people to your dealership.

A skilled and experienced SEO expert will know exactly what they need to do not just to get more people to find and click on your link, but also how to then get people to come to your dealership once they have found and engaged with your website.


6. The time to work.

The biggest roadblock in between dealership owners and successful automotive SEO strategies is time.

Even someone at your dealership who is particularly interested in SEO probably does not have the time to really work on the strategy.

Most strategies require a great deal of time, especially at the beginning.

Even after the SEO is rolling, it needs monitoring, maintenance, and adjustment.

These are often tasks that can swallow up a person’s entire week, especially if they are trying to do them as they go along.

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 Instead, farming this job out to someone who understands SEO, how to do it, how to analyze its results, and how to improve the strategies so that they continue to climb the ranks of the research results frees up your time.


7. A passion for SEO.

SEO is something that requires passion.

Those who are only passingly interested in it will find that they do not have the time or the drive to really make their SEO campaigns successful.

Having a real interest in SEO and what it has to offer your website is something that will really set an expert apart from the average person.