One of the most difficult parts of any automotive SEO campaign is coming up with new ideas for your car blog.

If you need to post four times, twice, or even just once a month, how to keep coming up with new and original ideas for your blog?

Here are twenty ideas you can use to improve your automotive SEO campaign:

1. Upcoming sales

Why not alert your loyal readers (and blog subscribers) about your upcoming sales?

For those that are thinking about buying a car, being notified of an upcoming sale can be just the tip of the hand they need to actually knuckle down and make a purchase.


2. Dealership awards

If your dealership has won an award recently, blog about it!

It’s not only a great opportunity to show your current readers and any future readers that you have been selected specifically to win this award, it’s also a time to thank those who have awarded you for their generosity.


3. Announce “of the month”

If your dealership has an employee of the month or customer of the month program, your blog is a great place to share those “of the month” awards with your readers.

This can help your readers get to know your staff, if you announce employee of the month on your blog, and can show them the benefits of shopping with you, if you have a customer of the month award.


4. Announce employee birthdays and events

People want to buy from dealerships that they have a personal connection to.

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You can build that personal connection by getting more personal on your dealership’s blog.

If you celebrate your employee’s birthdays and other life events in the dealership, there’s nothing wrong with also sharing that information with your readers.


5. News about your brand

Your brand probably keeps a blog where they announce new vehicles and developments that are approaching.

You can do the same—don’t copy the content, but use it as a source to write about what’s new with your brand.

Feel free to link back to the original content, or even to just curate a post that links back to many different posts on your brand’s blog.


6. Announce when new models will be arriving

 If a customer wants to buy a car but they want to buy the latest and greatest, they are probably waiting until the new model year arrives on your lot.

Making a post about when those cars will start to arrive can help encourage a buyer to come down to your lot that week and look at what new you’ve gotten.


7. Seasonal maintenance tips

Every season comes along with new challenges for car owners.

After a long winter, a thorough bath and replacement filters can prevent corrosion and allergies in the spring, for example. Posts like these will draw those looking for seasonal maintenance tips to your blog.


8. Other maintenance tips

Blog posts (or even instructional videos posted to your blog), with information about how to change the oil or check your tire pressure or some other maintenance tip will draw those looking for these sorts of tips to your blog.

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9. Buying vs. leasing

If your brand offers both buying and leasing options (as most brands do), talking about the benefits or negatives of one over the other can be informational and useful to a wide range of readers.


10. Explain why buyers should purchase extended warranties

After going through the entire process of buying a car is not a good time to tell a buyer about the benefits of extended warranties.

That time is on your blog, before they ever come to your lot.


11. Common mechanic scams and how to avoid them

Most people have a story or know a story about someone being scammed by a mechanic.

A great way to build loyalty and trust is to write a post about how to avoid these types of scams.


12. How to break bad driving habits

We all  have them, whether we’ve been driving for a year or driving for fifty years.


13. How to teach a teenager to drive

It’s one of the most stressful things a parent will ever have to do, no matter how responsible and reliable that teenager is.

A post about how to teach that teenager to drive can do wonders for worried parents.


14. How to save money when buying gas

Gas prices are on the rise again, and that means people will be looking for ways to cut costs at the pump.

Showing them how can demonstrate that your dealership isn’t just money hungry and that you care about your buyers.


15. How to drive in snow

This can be the most difficult driving condition for even experienced drivers to deal with.

Some tips can make your customers more confident.


16. How to travel with pets

Traveling with pets is often more trying than traveling with young children.

A few tips and tricks to make a road trip easier for both pet and owner will be appreciated by your readers.


17. Local news

As a dealership, most of your business is going to come from local people.

In order to reach out to those local people, make sure that you blog about local news and events, especially those you are involved in.


  1. Local car shows

If your area has a car show, be sure to help them publicize it.


19. Comparisons between brands

Blogs posts about why buyer should choose a model on your lot, instead of on a competing brand’s lot can help funnel more buyers to your sales floor.


20. Comparisons between your own models

Not every model on your lot is right for every buyer. Talk about what type of driver each model is best for.

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