Having a blog is a huge and important part of your dental SEO.

If you’re spending more time trying to come up with topics than you actually are writing or doing other administrative tasks, you might decide to give up on the task altogether.

Instead of getting frustrated as you try to find interesting topics to write about, you can use these ten topics to kick start your blog and to come up with even more topics that your readers will want to hear about.

When writing your blog and developing topics, it’s important to think about what information your target audience wants to read and how they want to read it.

Here are ten topics you can use to get your blog up and running or to kick start one that has stalled out:

1. What kind of education does a dentist have to receive?

Your patients will want to know what you have had the proper training and schooling in order to become a dentist.

While a diploma on the wall of your office and your certifications displayed can go a long way to promoting your legitimacy, writing a blog post about your experience in dental school and with the certification process is sure to inspire confidence in your readers and potential patients, and building legitimacy is an important aspect of dental SEO.


2. What kind of dental insurance plans are available and what kind of insurance do you accept?

In some small towns, every person might have the same kind of insurance.

 In larger, more metropolitan areas, your patients might have a wide variety of different types of insurance.

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A blog post about what types of dental insurance are available and about what types your office accepts can help a potential patient decide whether or not your office is for him.


3. What can your patients do to ease their fear of the dentist?

Many people rank fear of the dentist above fear of public speaking and even above death.

Most people are afraid of the dentist because of past negative experiences in a dentist’s chair.

A post about relieving fear of the dentist is a great way to encourage past patients that have let their appointments lapse to come back and to help new patients feel confident enough to make an appointment for the first time.


4. Discuss your hours and why you keep those hours.

Lots of dentist’s offices keep special hours for those that work during the day or for mother that do not want to pull their children out of school for a dentist’s appointment.

On the other hand, your office might keep very regular nine to five hours.

 Whichever schedule you have, write a post about why you keep those hours and how it helps you serve the most patients as quickly as possible.


5. What types of fillings do you use?

Today, patients are very concerned about what types of materials their dentists are using to fill cavities in their teeth.

They want to know what type of fillings you use and why you use that type of filling.

New filling materials are far superior to the types of fillings used decades ago, but some patients might still be concerned about what exactly their fillings contain and why they contain that material.

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If someone has a cavity they need filled, discussing the materials you use and why you use them could encourage them to make their appointment with you.


6. When will baby teeth start to come in?

Even if you do not treat children at your practice, many of the patients that you do treat will have children, and many of those patients will want information about their children and their teeth.

How soon baby teeth start to come in is a common question for many parents, and one which you are equipped to answer.


7. How should I start brushing my children’s teeth?

Along with wanting to know when baby teeth will start to come in, parents will also want to know how they should start brushing their children’s teeth, along with when they should make their first dental appointment for their child and how to ease the inevitable fear of that appointment that the child will experience.

Again, even if you do not treat children, posts like these can still be great for dental SEO.


8. How long will my fillings last?

Some patients believe that their fillings will last as long as their teeth do.

That isn’t always the case. In many instances, fillings may only last a few years before they need to be replaced.

Many very old fillings can be bad for teeth and even if they are still functioning, they may actually be damaging to the teeth and are better off removed and replaced.

Telling your patients what that schedule might look like or how to know if they need new fillings can be very helpful.

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9. What’s the best way to whiten my teeth?

Giving information like this about not just the services that you provide in your office, but also DIY treatments that your patients can do at home is a great way to both introduce the whitening treatments that you can provide and to give valuable information that a wide variety of people in your area will be looking for.


10. What can I do for sensitive teeth?

Because sensitivity is often indicative of an issue, writing a blog post about what patients can do for sensitive teeth is a great way to encourage readers to make an appointment and to give them information that they need about why their teeth may be heat, cold, or pressure sensitive.